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The Essence of Natural Tourism in its
virgin state

Sustainable tourism seeks to develop its activity generating a minimum impact on the environment. The main key is that the exploitation of a resource is below its renewal limit. In other words, it is about promoting a tourism that respects the ecosystem, with the minimum impact on the environment and local culture. In addition, the economic aspect seeks the generation of employment and income for the native population.

Wide Angle Tour linked to Sustainable Tourism

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), an international organization linked to the United Nations since 1976, considers that one of the fundamental elements to develop tourism is "to make optimum use of environmental resources". For this, Wide Angle Tours considers that it is necessary to maintain essential ecological processes and help conserve biodiversity and natural resources. There are three keys that this organization marks to ensure that tourism can be sustainable:

Optimize Environmental Resources

Without an ecosystem there is no tourism, that is why it is important to take care of the natural environment. Only by conserving natural resources and taking care of biological diversity is it possible that there can be tourism.

The authenticity of the local culture

A fundamental factor to understand a place is its people, the traditional values of the host community, its culture, architecture... Without respect for culture, tourism cannot be sustainable.

Distribution of natural wealth

The economy is another of the fundamental factors within tourism: guaranteeing economic activities that last over time and that there is balance in the distribution of socioeconomic benefits. One of its objectives is to generate stable employment opportunities, obtain income and social services, and reduce poverty in local communities.