Miami City Tour + Boat Tour Bay of Biscayne + Everglades Tour

8 - 8 1/2 Hours

For the eternal undecided we propose the most popular tours in Miami in a single day: you will pass through the beaches of Miami Beach, breathtaking skyline of Downtown, the lush vegetation of Coconut Grove, the dream city of Coral Gables to little Havana; you will continue with a boat ride in Biscayne Bay while enjoying VIP villas and finally you will end with a ride on Airboat through the Everglades and an alligator show.

Miami: from the Beaches to the Luxury Districts, from the Skyscrapes to the Cuban Atmosphere

All in one day to enjoy the Beautiful Miami and Everglades . You will be picked up comfortably at your hotel and escorted by an extremely knowledgeable and professional guide whom will be at your service for the duration of the tour. Interesting facts and intriguing details shared with you intimately in the language of your choice will give you true insight into this growing modern paradise. The tour will begin in the world-renowned vacation destination, Miami Beach. Your senses will be emerged in the visions of the beautiful sandy beach and incredibly clear turquoise water. You will experience Ocean drive first hand to feel the flavor of South Beach's culture. enjoy the stunning vision of Versace's Mansion, T he most tantalizing restaurants and exhilarating nightlife that so many come from afar to see. The shops are abundant offering the best. The influential art design style of Art Deco is evident in the colorful buildings making this particular area an authentic architectural experience. As we then head toward Downtown Miami City, you will have a direct view of one of the best skylines in the world, famous for its evening illumination of vibrate colors. The busy financial district of this American City boasts elegant skyscrapers with impressive modern architecture. Big business is vast here engaged in world commerce. The next destination is the original chic, touristic neighborhood of Coconut Grove. Here the place where Miami was first settled salvaging its tranquil greens to encircle its elegant center. The modernity of the buildings gives space to the breathless, luscious vegetation filling the air with a fresh, wild fragrance. We venture further where the landscape turns into that of a typical postcard of Miami, the city of Coral Gables. It is what people think of as a dream of America. This city mixes the typical residential American style with a touch of Spanish architecture. Our road tour experience will end in Little Havana. Here is where the Cuban exiles gathered starting in the 1960s. You will witness the vibrant Cuban atmosphere at the Domino Plaza, where you can sip a typical Cuban Coffee while listening to the melodic notes of Cuba.

Biscayne Bay and the Everglades

Right after we head to Bayside Marketplace. Here you will board a sightseeing cruise for a 1.5 hr. tour of Biscayne Bay, along the Port of Miami, and a few whealthy Islands, where you can admire the mansions of the rich and famous, including the former home of the infamous Al Capone, Gloria Estefan and many other celebrities and well known personalities. Following, we are heading to this unique natural wonder of "The Never Ending River of Grass", the Florida Everglades. The National Park of the Everglades is made up of 1.2 million acres of grassland. You will enjoy an exhilarating ride aboard a flat propelled airboat gliding atop the shallow surface of the water while being given a full narration from the airboat captain-guide. Within this preserved wilderness you will see breathtaking panoramic views, lush vegetation and feel the beautiful tranquility of nature. A paradise of birds, fish, tortoises, alligators and other wildlife will surround you. Following your airboat experience you will have the pleasure of attending a wildlife show full of indigenous animals and interesting details about this exotic world. Revel in the opportunity to hold a real baby alligator. After the show walk around and take advantage of the excellent eductional exhibits before your relaxing ride back to your hotel. This experience will be one to remember

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