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Wide Angle Tours can offer a unique and expert experience to the traveler of the Tourism trend. Expect an impeccable level of service from your first point of contact to the final moments when our service ends.

Our family of expert tour guides, drivers and logistics team has owned Wide Angle Tours since its founding in 1997 and its tourism, professional and cultural roots in Miami stretch back several generations.


Armed with specialist knowledge of the changing trends from day to day, Wide Angle Tours has been taking clients there for over 20 years. We can offer a unique and expert experience to the modern national and international traveler.


Expect a high level of service from your first point of contact to your last moments with Wide Angle Tours. Our travel company can orchestrate your entire itinerary by helping you decide on destinations that specifically appeal to you: from the peninsula closest to the Atlantic Ocean, south to the Gulf of Mexico in the Florida Keys to Central Florida or the furthest north. away from Miami Metropolis in Dade County.

Wide Angle Tours provides invaluable personal support and advice, from fine-tuning your expedition to arranging reassuring meetings at the airport, passionate guides speaking English, French, Spanish, Italian and more, as well as offering efficient transportation and transfer services.

Wide Angle Tours can provide the transportation services that our clients request. We have a fleet of luxury vehicles, as well as local air services in the State of Florida.


With more than two decades of experience in the travel industry, tourist services and Local Tours in the South of the State of Florida. All this inspired by the luminous force of the tropics, framed in the exuberance and beauty of tourist destinations that have the State of Florida as the axis of their geography. Wide Angle Tours is one of the leading specialists in personalized private tours to Miami Dade, with a local office in the Biscayne Business and Tourism Area.


Wide Angle Tours employs a large network of dedicated tourism specialists, all of whom have extensive knowledge of the nation's tourism terrain, culture, history, language and current experience, and see their creative role as a response to reality and the continuous need to possess it. Each custom itinerary is meticulously planned and incorporates enchanting hotels and luxury travel to ensure the most discerning of travelers the opportunity to fully immerse themselves in the excitement, splendor and magic of the Florida peninsula and its epic tourist spots.